What we do:

House Doctors is primarily a renovation and repair company with a flair for the more complex and artistic side of the business

Plaster and Drywall:  Hang and fill gyproc and plaster on jobs under 1000 sq. ft.. We are not full time seam fillers but are good at it. Gerald has been known to install  without  sanding which is a real bonus.

Painting and decorating:  From simple freshening to exotic moldings and fabrics we can make your space beautiful. Exterior surface restoration is also on the menu.

Tiles:  For all your tile setting needs including mosaics.

Rails:  In wood, vinyl, powder coated aluminum, Glass, Steel, you name it, we cage it.

Fences, Decks and steps:  We know the tricks and we know how to make them last.

Sun rooms: We sell Craftbilt aluminum products, check them out here:

Wood Siding and shingling:  Not a lost art, we are the guys!

Window and Door upgrades:  Not just "fired in", properly aligned and weather sealed in wood, steel, fiberglass or vinyl this is a serious energy saver for many homes when properly done.

Repairs:  Screens, clotheslines, rotted areas, Door locks, doors that won't shut, window wells you name it!

Home Inspections and Planning:  Find out what you are buying!

Energy Efficiency Specialists:  We know where the money goes and how to stop it. Air sealing, basement insulation, weather stripping, we do it all. Call us for heat loss solutions.

Bathrooms and kitchens:  We make them beautiful again with creative solutions in these critical areas. We are tile setters as well as plumbers.

Tree Trimming: Unless it's a real monster we can usually prune or remove trees, we have lots of experience.

Pressure Washing: You want it cleaned, we know how. Great for restoring pressure treated decks and fences

Disabled services:  Wheel chair ramps and lifts, safety bars, widening doors, lowering counters and simply making things work for people.

Jobs we like:

Adding to an existing home and having the work look like it was always there.

Bringing in the Sunshine with a Craftbuilt Sun room

Creating better flow and more storage in homes.

Making an old house feel new.

Adding, awnings, carports and green spaces

Saving energy: We know how to shrink those expanding fuel bills.

Workin on a Cottage, liftin and levellin.

Making beautiful outdoor living space

Specialty painting, papering and decorating.

Laying Duradek.

Repairing rotten sections and fixing them properly.

Plaster repair.

Building trash handling systems that really work

Making homes beautiful and pointing with pride.

Dressing homes for sale.

Home inspection and planning. 

Weather stripping and air sealing, we can save you a lot.

We sign all our jobs.

We are craftsmen:  We run a clean orderly site and try very hard to make it "as if we were never there'. There is no yelling or swearing, we keep our cards on the table and build above standard. We want you to be glad you hired us.

Below is a short list of jobs we have done:

Steps, decks, fences, planters, pergolas, recycling boxes, compost & waste cart corrals, window boxes, window wells, screen doors, screen rooms, clothes lines, porches, garages, installing Cedar shingles, wooden soffits, copulas, shutters, entry doors, window replacement, case, base and molding install, shelves, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets and counters, dens and home theaters. Rec rooms, fun rooms, greenhouses and sun rooms. Awnings, Patio's and walkways. Tree pruning, barn raising, fountains for gazing. There isn't much we haven't done.

Many customers have us drop by Spring and Fall to simply get the house in order. Make all the doors shut properly, touch up the paint, seal up the drafts and look things over to make sure the house isn't being neglected. Home repair is a Stitch in time type of business. Keeping a house up to date and in good shape is the cheapest way to own a home.