We are the Island 's only certified Duradek dealer, nineteen years, no leaks! This attractive outdoor flooring is the only answer for roof decks and non toxic play areas for children. Don't settle for cheap imitations, get the real thing! Ten year warranty, highest industry standards, time proven best there is.

See the colors here: http://www.duradek.com/duradek-colours/

Visit the Duradek website here: http://www.duradek.com/

Duradek rates: [2015 prices] Plus Travel

SALE -Ultra Surcoseal 60 grey and Suede   $12.50/Sq. Ft.  

Ultra Classic 72" wide 60 mil.   $13.50/sq .ft.

Ultra Surcoseal 72" wide 60 mil. $13.50/sq .ft.

Ultra Supreme 72" wide  60 mil. $14.00/sq .ft.

Ultra Heritage 72" wide 60 mil. $15.00/sq .ft. .

Ultra Cork 72" wide 60 mil. $15.00/sq .ft.

Ultra Okanagan 72" wide 60 mil. $14.00/sq .ft.  

Ultra Forest Floor 72" wide 60 mil. $15.00/sq. ft.


Tile underlay's:

I don't recommend tile outside on PEI due to our harsh freeze/thaw cycles but if you want it we can make sure it doesn't leak.

Ultra Tile deck 72" wide 60 mil. $13.50/sq. ft.

Ultra Plaza Deck 72" wide 60 mil. $12.50/sq. ft.

Lighter   fabrics 45 mils thickness:  

Heritage series 72" wide 12.00/sq .ft.

Okanagan series 72" wide 13.00/sq .ft.

Due to low sales volumes, we will be discontinuing Ultra Surcoseal Latte, 45 mil Heritage Sienna and Agate.

If the deck is over 375 sq. ft I can do "any color fabric" for $13.00/sq. ft and the grey or Suede for $12.00/sq. ft., special deals on "stuff in the shed".

If the deck is under 100 sq.ft I add 1.5 ft. to the length and 1.5' to the width to do my calculation.

Angles are measured as Square.

Pricing on smaller decks is dependent on what we have in stock  

Delivery is usually 4-8 days

Installation depends on the weather and the work load.

We try hard to be fast!

Rails : Aluminum or vinyl Railings Should be installed AFTER the Decking if possible. If a Vinyl or Aluminum system is chosen you must make sure there is adequate blocking below the plywood deck to support the fastening screws. Please use Large stainless screws for fastening rails, not galvanized lag bolts and put "Polyurethane" caulking in all screw holes.


Travel is a factor , please call us

Wood posts through the deck are $30.00 each. Steps have to be priced by me.

All the colors are on line at my web site and I have a sample book at my office.

Please call with any questions I am happy to help.

Thanks for your interest in Duradek.


Regards, Woody White


Deck Prep Instructions:

Please print this list and give it to your site foreman or Carpenter who is building the deck.


  1. Treated plywood or OSB should NOT be used [It discolors the Duradek , the glue won't stick and this product will spall if installed Horizontally, it is only made for vertical installs].

  2. Duradek installs over plywood or cured smooth concrete.

  3. All plywood should be select grade T&G fir screwed down with treated screws every 8", NO YELLOW SCREWS - NO NAILS . Please make sure the screws are set below the plywood surface, check them with a drywall taping trowel, leave a loonie size gap between plywood sheets to prevent tenting in hot weather.

  4. All plywood joints must be either T&G or supported below with a framing member.

  5. If the surface is not smooth then the Duradek won't be either. We use planipatch underlay to smooth small surface imperfections but the less we use the better the finish so try for good joists with even joints.

  6. Please ensure that the fascia board is below the plywood, again with the taping trowel, screwed on below the plywood deck is best. Metal fascia can be installed after the Duradek if desired.

  7. Deck should slope 2" in 10' to ensure good drainage.

    If a roof drain is required please get a brass one, the plastic drains for showers work but they are really just crap and aren't made for the great outdoors. We have the good ones in stock, please call.

  8. Edges that drain are finished with a sheet metal L trim 3" on top and 2" down the front at a 70 degree angle to allow for metal fascia and to steer the water into the gutter. the Duradek is glued to this piece and a vinyl clip is installed on the hard edge. Your rain gutter should install below this.

  9. We need to go up the walls 6" under the tyvek so siding must be off in these areas. Flashing and re siding is your responsibility.

  10. We insist on installing the Duradek before the door to the deck is installed, if this is an older deck we insist that the door be removed so we can run the decking up and under the door Jamb! The door should be at Least 2" off the deck and 6" is more realistic.

  11. If Duradek forms a roof over a heated space then it must be vented at the rate of 1 sq ft of ventilation for every 150 sq ft of deck. Failure to do this will void the warranty as it can cause rot.

    Spray foam on the underside of the plywood deck is NOT the WAY to GO! There have been problems with this, please don't do it.

  12. If this is a roof then we only install the heavy [60 mil] Duradek. Personally I do not recommend the light [30-40 mil] grade at all.

    Most Duradek comes in 72" wide rolls so there will be a 2" overlapping seam at least every 70".

  13. Where the deck meets the house the siding and/or corner board must be removed 12" out from the deck to allow for water sealing.

  14. Winter installs ! completely tarped in - no holes in the tarp - we need to access at least 12" out beyond the edge and 12" below the edge. The area must be heated to 10 degrees Celsius and there needs to be standing headroom [7' minimum].

    It needs to be warm and dry when we arrive so either get up real early or turn the heat on the night before. A small propane salamander is best, something we can move around, not a big monster! It should be heated for 3 hours after we finish to allow drying. This takes longer than you think so allow lots of time to get this right.


Typical Edge Trim

Clck images to enlarge

Wood Post Detail

We are Carpenters so if you want us to take care of any details just ask and we will price the job or charge hourly. Your choice.

Download Preperation Instructions here -   duradek.doc

or for PDF download here -   duradek.pdf