Salesman, estimator, Carpenter, designer, garbage man errand boy and fixer of problems. The buck stops here!

Gerald Beaulieu  the Devil's right hand with the late Skipper White.

A fine artist and top of the line Carpenter, 21 years together, I don't know what I'd do without Gerald.

David Pineau

The best Carpenter on the North shore, a lifetime in the business there isn't much that Dave can't do, his sixth season.

Dan Miller

is our Chief organizer, he keeps the tools sharp and the site orderly. A good all around tradesman Dan has been a great asset for us, this is his eighth season

Frances White

long suffering wife of the House Doctor, answerer of phones, organizer extraordinaire. She keeps the operation on track.



Our new Dog, could be the best yet

We won't know for sure for about ten more

Years! Big shoes to fill.