Welcome to House Doctors Inc., my name is William White and I have been running the Company since 1979. We are a small outfit with high standards and great people, who love to renovate and it shows.

It's easier to say what we don't do than what we do and that is roofing, vinyl siding and foundation work. There is not much else that we exclude and older homes are our specialty. Experience counts and we have lots of it, buildng exotic and interestng projects are right up our alley, we are not shy about difficult work.

Maintnance is a big part of owning a home, we do house inspections and can advise you on all your home issues.

We are also the Island's only Duradek dealer, the best of waterproof outdoor vinyl flooring, 19 years. No leaks.

Craftbilt sun rooms and aluminum products are another featured product.

Our Dog Skipper has since passed on and a new hound named Looey has stepped up to fill his shoes. He was a wonderful dog. We will miss him a lot.

If you dream it.... We can build it


See, you are not alone

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